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I’m Grateful For…

Past year was thinking about myself, my success, my up-gradation and wanting to do more, more,  and furthermore. I hardly appreciated what god has given to me and didn’t take time to enjoy the largesse I already have in life. My approach was always glass half empty and I constantly trudged to fill the glass to the rim. My brain stormed with questions and quandaries why I’m not happy! No matter how much I performed better and reaped heaps I quested for something unknown.

I ticked my “I have” checklist: I have a good house to live, I have a sweet  family, I enjoy excellent health, I have great friends to support,  I have a car and my own office, I’m financially comfortable, I’m competent, I love my career – the list went on and all the answers were positive. Then what else!

I switched to “I don’t have” list: I scratched my chin, cheek, and head; I rolled my eyes in all directions; pouted and pursed my lips; checked my wardrobe and kitchen cabinets; took a walk around the house and made some phone calls; stood in front of the mirror and did a mini catwalk; picked my daughter and sister’s brain; talked to my pet dog Coco.

Honestly friends, I couldn’t even lay the tip of the pen on the wants list. What a shame! I didn’t know what I need but I’m so dissatisfied with myself.

But I desperately wanted an answer and resolution for my problem. I wanted to be happy and enjoy what I had. I rummaged through my brain.  There you go, like a splash of ice-cold water on a thunderstruck face, the quote of Mahatma Gandhi “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” tapped me hard to wake up.

That’s it, I got my answer. Thanking and sharing was missing on my task list. Everything was all about me and having it all and gratitude was absent.

An attitude of gratitude changed my life into enormity of happiness. Gratitude is my religion now and I practice every day various ways to show my gratitude. .

I renewed and reset my thought process and included others in my realm. I quit living for myself, and live for others also. Communication has become my medium and tool to understand and help others resolve their issues.

Today I found a meaningful life. I’m happy. I’m happy by sharing my success and spreading the joy. Being a mentor, counselor, communication coach, and a friend I enjoy,  much more than a professional lawyer.

I’m  so fond  of Zig Ziglar’s quote “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for”.

My way of showing gratitude is sharing my success and spreading the joy to others.  My foundation Niskrti is up and running for  protection of women  and children welfare and socio-cultural, political and economic empowerment and to promote gender equity, access to quality services and opportunities for building an equitable society through convergence and partnership with other constituents of society. I serve the community and enjoy my profession as well because I care to share and I’m thankful.

In the rat-race I missed so many small but precious pleasures of daily life, like not pursuing my passion for writing. I haven’t posted on my blog for an year.  My apologies. I missed you all and your wonderful comments.

I have a lot of small and big things to share with you all because everything matters in life. I will be in touch.

My mantra for 2015 is to share the success, spread the joy across,  and be thankful. 

Wish you all a very happy, healthy, and peaceful new year.


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