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Our Beautiful Home

I have been looking forward to fall, because my husband promised me that he will take me to the fall color belt in California.  I would die to feast my eyes with those fall hues. What a magnificent gift from Mother Nature!

The promise had been delivered.  Last week we went to Lake Sabrina and Mono Lake. We walked in the morning sniffing the fragrances and reveling in the beauty of fall hues.  We drove and parked at an elevation of 9,000 ft. and walked up for a mile from there.

My mind’s eye painted a picture of the lake like a bride decked up in orange, yellow, pale green ensemble and gleamed in the morning sun. Lake Sabrina  looked stunningly pristine and scenic. 

I’m so blessed to be a part of this beautiful planet and nurtured by Mother Nature. The combination of morning chill and warmth of our sweaters gift wrapped us in coziness. We stood on the wooden bridge watching people walk, fish, and take pictures. The calm and peace was unexplainable.

From there we drove to Mono Lake which is another enigma.  I blinked like a shutter-bug when I read the age of the lake – 760, 000 yrs approximately.  The visitor center lady told us that the lake has no single fish but the basin is a home for millions of birds belonging to over 300 species.  How do they survive?  They gobble algae, shrimp, and alkali flies which slither on the banks.

The other intriguing sight is the formation of Tufa towers on the shoreline. Some formations seem like sphinx, bull head, and minarets to me. The formation is natural. It’s, indeed, a photographer’s delight and a pack of them already there running in all directions lugging their paraphernalia to click the best sight of this marvelous place.

On the way back to our hotel we drove through the June Loop which was like a neck-lace road with small lakes strewn along it.  The splicing mountains bordering the lakes stood as gigantic bodyguards on the vigil for the beauties.  If we hadn’t taken this small detour we sure would have missed a precious thing in our lives.

We took a good rest in the night and embarked on our return journey. On the way we visited Mount Whitney and Red Rock Canyon. I will write about these mystifying pieces of nature another time because I don’t want to overdose you.

My epilogue: From the heavenly patchwork of nature, in the next five hours, we catapulted into a concrete jungle filled with brick and mortar structures and with sound waves from the automobiles impinging our eardrums. What a sea of difference!  This place also would have been the same one like the one I’m blessed to visit – maybe some millions of years ago.  Mother Nature is so liberal in giving more than we need. Abundance is always redundance.

I remember my economics lecturer explained about the law of  diminishing marginal utility theory in simple words : “When you eat one apple, it will taste delicious, second one will taste good, third one will taste ok, fourth one will not taste at all, fifth one you don’t want to eat,  and the next you will throw it away.

That what is happening now.  There was an abundance of vegetation, water, resources, animals, marine world, clean air, mountains, snow, timely monsoons, farming, fresh milk, and family. Now there are skyscrapers, hazards industrial wastes, polluted air, scarcity of resources, upside down seasons, endangered animal and marine species, packaged food, unidentifiable diseases, disappearing snow sheets, wars, and disintegrated families.  What a barter!

Earth is our home. A beautiful home. Our children and their great-grandchildren also need this home. They are also entitled to own what we are enjoying today. I suppose. Can we protect our beautiful home for them?

(Pics: Ganesh Devan)

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Links: http://www.monolake.org/



Comments on: "Our Beautiful Home" (8)

  1. Beautiful writing, Priya! I so miss California. Thanks for reminding me of its beauty! Somewhere I read today that we should escape to nature when the busyness of life overtakes us.

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful writing, Priya. They remind me of the verse from Psalms–“The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork.” Thanks for sharing. Ev

  3. I can so appreciate your appreciation, Priya. When driving to Santa Cruz this summer, my kids commented on how beautiful the way was, and we were not even close to the fantastic scenery you share here.
    California is gorgeous.

  4. Pooja Prabhakar said:

    Planet Earth has so much to offer! What you have seen here and described is so absolutely beautiful….I do long to get back to some of those pristine and beautiful landscapes. Right now I live in urban madness……
    Glad I could see it through your eyes for now. Very vivid descriptions and beautiful writing Priya!

  5. Priya,
    I wish i could have been with you to see the beautiful sites you describe here. Thanks for including the pictures. I feel such a kinship with you in adoring our wonderful home. My heart aches when I see terrible things being done to Mother Earth. I’m so thankful that there are peaceful and pristine places we can go to for inner nourishment the way you have described.

  6. Sangeeta Bhagwan said:

    So true..We all should try to reduce our carbon footprint and try to make it greener. Earth is the only home we have.

  7. Radha Satyadev said:

    Oh, ye who enlightened me to Lake Sabrina and Mono lake, thank you for the wonderful commentary and the stunning pictures! We are so blessed to have such natural wonders so close and yet cursed as to get so caught up in life that we don’t give enough importance to enjoy such enchanting joys of nature. Can’t wait to see Mount Whitney and Red rock canyon through your mind and Ganesh’s eyes 🙂

  8. Priya – OMG, you have flown me to some of my fondest memories of my college years of studying economics theories and “The law of diminishing marginal utility theory” was one of my favorites along with Supply and Demand curve. Thanks for sharing Mono Lake with us, your description is just awesome!!!

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