When You Know Your Worth No One Can Make You Feel Worthless – Because You Really Do Matter.

Yesterday, after completing my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, I had little more time to go and pick up my daughter. I sat in my car sipping some soymilk, listening to NPR, and gazing around.

A woman, maybe in her late thirties, walked to a Ford Expedition pushing her grocery cart. She looked a little antsy and angry. She loaded the groceries into the car and slammed the door so loud that the robins pecking their food on the ground took to their wings.  Her vehicle was parked two parking slots after mine. I clearly could see what happened next.  She pushed the cart so recklessly toward the empty parking space right in front her that it took  a diversion and rammed into a Toyota Corolla’s head lights. I saw the glass pieces chipping off and falling on the ground.  To my dismay, she  turned her head, looked at the car that was damaged, and walked back to her car and swooshed off.  I didn’t see any sorry feeling on her face nor did she try to leave a message to the car owner.  I was so taken aback with this vitiated attitude of hers.  I didn’t know whether anyone else noticed this ruthless act but it threw me off.  It all happened so quickly and I didn’t even notice the car number.

I waited for the car owner to return. An elderly couple owned that car. I went and told them what happened and apologized for not noting down the car number. They told me that their grandchildren  gifted the car to them for their wedding anniversary just a week ago.  The moisture in the old lady’s eyes didn’t go unnoticed by me. My heart ached for that old couple.

Besides the shortage of good water, good air, good health, good leaders, good teachers, good education,  good jobs  –  looks like  the world is falling short of  good people, good thinking,  and good behavior, too.


Comments on: "It Maybe Your Car One Day" (8)

  1. So sad that that woman would be so uncaring. The side of our car got dented this year in what must have been a similar situation. We didn’t know anything about it until we noticed it on the passenger side when the car was in our driveway.

  2. This is one catagory and some body writes on others cars with their keys when nobody is around.
    I can’t understand these kind of distructive mentalities.
    Good post priya.

  3. I like one thing about Canadian shoping carts. They stack to each other with a small chain and coin holder. When you insert a dollar into that slot can unstack the cart. If you need your dollar back you need to walk to the carts and use the key of the other cart to get your coin back. I have never seen any cart left on the street side or between the cars like US.
    Also here the plastic shopping bags or not free. You should keep a bag with you otherwise loose 5 cents per every bag to carry out your things.
    Smart ideas to keep the country safe ,clean and green from small, silly mistakes which leads to huge distructions.

  4. Sangeeta Bhagwan said:

    Bad people are there everywhere. I wonder how the lady must have felt if her car was damaged like this.

  5. Great reflection, Priya. Just shows how much people need God’s love!

  6. There are always going to be people who take out thier anger on anything that is around. It’s usually an isolated happening. But when it becomes epidemic, as it seems to be now, the whole culture needs a wakeup call. We need a generation of mothers to teach their children manners and compassion.

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