When You Know Your Worth No One Can Make You Feel Worthless – Because You Really Do Matter.

Early to bed

Early to rise

Makes a man healthy

Wealthy and wise

This poem loses its meaning and importance once we cross the kindergarten level. I wish this poem is taken as more than just a nursery rhyme and practically followed through the life time of a human being.

Are we humans really doing this?  There is empirical evidence to say no.

Our schedules are jumbled up and gone haywire. Unlike animals and birds, we humans are habituating to sleep while the sun is awake providing us the light and work while the moon is on duty to make sure that we are sleeping like babies.

Insomnia and sleep deprivation are two different effects with different reasons that cause them.  Insomnia is a sleeping disorder or health condition arising out of depression, stress, and other medical conditions. And my point of discussion today is not insomnia because of its complexity and handling it sometimes requires medical expertise. To state the difference in plain words “Insomnia” is not getting sleep even though you have time. And “less sleep” means you have no time to sleep even though you can.

My subject for today is sleeping less which is discernable. As the technology and working hours are on the rise, people are giving less importance to the fundamentals of healthy living like sleep, exercise, good food, and rest.

Professor Francesco Cappuccio, University of Warwick’s Medical School, says: “Fewer hours sleep and greater levels of sleep disturbance have become widespread in industrialized societies. This change, largely the result of sleep curtailment to create more time for leisure and shift-work, has meant that reports of fatigue, tiredness and excessive daytime sleepiness are more common than a few decades ago. Sleep represents the daily process of physiological restitution and recovery, and lack of sleep has far-reaching effects.”

For the normal functioning of a human body, we need an average of six to eight hours of sound sleep each night. Sleeping for less than six continuous hours per night can potentially cause high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain, heart disease and premature death.

A team from UK and Italy conducted a research and collected information from sixteen studies across Asia, the US and Europe. The result of this research indicated that people who sleep less than six to eight hours per night are 12% more likely to die prematurely than those who slept for 6-8 hours consistently.

Professor Cappuccio adds, “In terms of prevention, our findings indicate that consistently sleeping around 7 hours per night is optimal for health and a sustained reduction may predispose to ill-health.”

The reasons for sleeping less are various: long working hours for making more money, impressing the boss for a promotion, job retention efforts, maintaining a social life, wrong sleeping habits, stress. But after all, is gaining all these or one of these benefits worth cutting short of our life span and dying prematurely?  Don’t we all think we should enjoy the benefits and comforts we have earned for a long term of life? If that purpose isn’t served then all our precious earnings are meaningless. At what cost do we have to slog and impress others?

It’s a proven fact that a homeless person or a daily laborer sleeps more peacefully for longer hours than a millionaire.

Sleep is a big boon that God gave us without any cost and whether we enjoy it or replace it with material benefits is upto us to decide. Human desires are unending and working eighteen hours a day and making any amount of money is also sometimes less.

Drawing a priority list and proscribing meaningless desires from our routine will spare from us sufferings. Life is too short for entertaining unwanted guests (health issues) who cause us misery and premature death.

Taking control over one’s life and doing the right thing at the right time for the right duration is what is required for leading a successful life.

Well, excessive sleep is also not good and has its own perils. A study says, “That both too little sleep and too much sleep can cause potentially serious problems in the long term.” Anything done in moderation will have better results.

This is a funny but good talk by Araianna Huffington.



Comments on: "Fluffy Pillow+Comfy Bed+Sound Sleep+Beautiful Dreams=Good Health+Success" (9)

  1. Hi Priya,
    I enjoyed reading your post. Lots of good food for thought there. Sometimes the problem is not being able to get to sleep once you go to bed. That can be frustrating.

    Sweet dreams to you, Ev

  2. Hi Priya,

    This is such good advice. And parents need to know that good sleep habits are also essential for children to be able to study at their best. But it’s not always easy to get children to sleep the full amount of time. I think it’s best if a child (or adult) can wake up on his own instead of being awaken by an alarm.

  3. Sherry Brown said:

    Hi Priya,

    I love your blog and this post. It reminds me of so many tales that teach us what is truly important in life. Spending our time on those important things is often a struggle in a more demanding world. I was just talking with Michael yesterday about “having more” than our parents did but yet, much less; and less time in particular. My family always ate dinner together, every night. With today’s jobs and long work hours, I bet most American families do not have this luxury or do not prioritize this family activity. I already notice in my 10 month old daughter, her actions are different when we are both not there due to one of us traveling. Just goes to show you how much you can learn from your children. 🙂

    Thanks for reminder on the things that really “matter”.


    • I absolutely agree with you, Sherry. That’s why I sacrificed my glowing career almost for 9 years to raise Shivya. I see the fruits now what a wonderful kid she is. I’m sure Morgan will be the same with a wonderful parents like you and Michael. No matter what, I make it a point to have dinner together and I have lunch with Shivya. That’s when we get to talk all girly things( my underlying intention is to know what’s happening with and within Shivya) and have some fun. Everything has its cost and the price tag for raising good kids and having a good family is indeed high.
      Thanks for your kind words. Keep reading.

  4. Sleep is precious. It is the time we integrate what we learned that day. We have a lot of people sleep walking on the planet and your blog is a good reminder of what the body and mind need for a person to function at their highest level.


  5. Pryia,
    I wouldn’t know I’ve never gotten too much sleep lol
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker
    Children’s Author of Stella the Fire Farting Dragon (April 2010)

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