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Art of Gift Giving

My friend and an art teacher, Jane, is not only creative in her profession but in several other aspects of day-to-day life as well.

She always amazed me with her gift ideas. My biggest challenge in my life ever has been choosing gifts, whether it‘s a for children or adults.  My mind gets tired and goes to sleep the moment I think about the journey I have to take to buy a gift.  I feel that I have exhausted all the gift ideas from books, plants, toys, clothes, perfumes, jewelery, accessories, cosmetics and what not.  I have given everything that’s available in the market and I suddenly feel a shortage of product range.  I rack my mind and visit a few shops and end up buying a gift card.

But Jane always comes up with such fantastic ideas which are not only innovative and  amusing but very useful as well.

Once, on my course completion she gave me a pack of warm and fuzzy socks. I looked at them askance and tucked them away in a closet in the garage.  I heard myself saying: What kind of a gift is that! 

 Later when we planned for a winter vacation, at the last moment I gained the sense that I didn’t have warm socks for our trip to Big Bear and I had no time to run to a store.  I rummaged through my closets and storage areas.  I didn’t find anything other than the socks pack I disregarded. I took it along with me.

 Winter was very hard that year and the pack of socks that Jane gave me came so handy and was a saving grace for the entire trip. That’s when I realized the value of that gift.

Moving forward, she gave me so many gifts like Olive oil bottles from Costco, Cakes and Chestnuts from her Korean grocery, organically grown Yams from her backyard, homemade hot patch, honey, handmade greeting cards, paper towels, spools of thread, stack of coupons, bag of yarn and ribbons, hand soap, and much other stuff which I couldn’t even imagine that could be a great bunch of gifts.

All the gifts she gave me proved to be very useful items and I made the optimum use of them. And I admired and thanked her every time those gifts proved their worth.

She not only gave me thoughtful gifts but taught me a valuable lesson  that gift giving shouldn’t be a routine ritual. The feelings behind those gifts are of the essence.  It’s doubtless that she always thought about me in depth whenever she chose something to give. That’s what made her gifts, even though sometimes it made no sense immediately to me, precious and special for me.

I learned, instead of running through store aisles with an insipid and tiring brain, to sit back in my couch and think about the person to whom I’m gifting rather than the gift itself. 

Thank you, Jane, for teaching me how to hold a pencil to sketch a picture and the art of gift giving. Both the lessons made a difference in my life.


Comments on: "Art of Gift Giving" (12)

  1. Sangeeta Bhagwan said:

    Well it a nice write but I have always cherised the gifts you gave me and there have been many of them!!!

  2. Priya,
    Great post! Very thoughtful and helpful. I too have a hard time figuring what gift to give to what person. I always think that people want bigger and better gifts. But, what they really want are gifts that come from the heart. My son is very good at making these gifts 😉
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Priya – You are a gift!

  4. Another sweet post, Priya!

  5. I, too, find searching for gifts for friends and family a challenge, so your post was perfect for me this morning, Priya. A gift. Thank you. I also thought the gifts you gave Ralph and me when we met that time for lunch on our trip to CA were so thoughtful. Every time I remember that fun experience, I remember and appreciate your gift-giving.
    Hugs, Ev

  6. Choosing and giving gifts is one of life’s gifts. How nice to have such a gifted friend.

  7. Priya, Are you talking about me?
    Thank you so much for your kind wrinting. Priya, YOU are a really gift for me who appriciate a lot with such small gifts.When one learns appreciate from such a small thing in everyday life, she/he is really one of a few people who know what happiness is.

  8. Anna Fitter said:

    Well said Priya! Think People First, then Things. When we think about the person we want to show your appreciation to, the right gift will surely crop up. This post is very timely, a good friend is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and I have to look for something that’s ‘just right’!

  9. Hi raji,
    i am not inteligent and expert as u r but i feel proud that i am ur sis.ur writings r really good 2 read.i can improve my language by reading ur blogs.keep it up.
    with lots of love

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